A high standard for excellence for over 40 years.

With Aurora Overhead Door being our father company - we strive to carry the same core values that makes them the number one choice for garage doors. We simply satisfy customers.

Now we plan to do the same within the garage renovation space. We flip your garage space and maximize the usage you get out of it. Our services are not just suitable for a person looking to make a typical mancave but is also suitable for your everyday person who simply enjoys a beautiful, well-organized space. Our team has the full capacity to completely revamp your space and suit all your needs with high quality products and service.

  • Simao Louzeiro


  • Chris Sproviero

    Vice President

  • Jason Sutton

    Sales Manager

  • Shannon Closs

    Sales Representative

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Focus on Value and Innovation

Tired of clutter? Reclaim lost square footage with our innovative, modular slatwall system. Maximize usable wall space, no matter the size. Top-quality materials and competitive prices ensure you get the best value for your storage needs.

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